6 Things That Scare off Home Buyers in Cooper City

It may be a seller’s market in most places now, but you still have to get things right. And that means primarily avoiding those things that can put off potential home buyers. Some things are beyond your control, such as local market conditions. But there is much within your control, and even the smallest of these can make a big difference. So let’s take a look at 6 things that scare off home buyers in Cooper City.

1. Pricing Too High

One of the top things that quickly scare away home buyers in Cooper City or anywhere else is an overpriced or unrealistically priced home. Overpricing is probably the most common mistake sellers make and is said to be guaranteed to scare away potential buyers.

The unfortunate fact is that buyers usually won’t even waste their time looking at an overpriced home. But how do they know a home is overpriced? The answer is simple: the Internet. There are a host of sites and online pricing tools buyers can use to determine whether a for-sale home is realistically priced. So if your home seems to be overpriced, buyers will skip right over the listing and never set foot in the home.

Pricing right, then, is absolutely critical. An experienced agent, like Cooper City Realty agents, can perform a comparative market analysis to ensure that your home is priced in line with market value. We will help you get to the Optimum Listing Price that will help you get your home sold for top dollar. To discover more about this, just call 954-818-3602.

2. Using Low-Quality Listing Photos and Video

As we mentioned, most home buyers (more than 90%, according to some sources) begin their home search online. And that means you need plenty of top-quality listing photos and videos. Using poor-quality photos and videos is a sure way to scare off buyers.

Just as with overpricing, poor photos and videos will keep home buyers from ever setting foot in your for-sale home. To sell quickly and for top dollar, you need maximum exposure and quality exposure online. You achieve this by using professional-quality photos and videos. 

Here at Cooper City Realty our aggressive marketing approach to selling homes include professional photos, videos, and 3D virtual tours on every one of our listings.

3. Not Deep Cleaning and Depersonalizing

Another thing that will turn home buyers away is a home that hasn’t been deep cleaned and depersonalized. 

In order not to scare off buyers, you need to clean everything thoroughly, even things you normally wouldn’t think of cleaning. Certainly, you need to do the obvious, such as putting away clutter and shampooing carpets, but you also need to do the less-obvious things like cleaning light fixtures and replacing torn screens. Be assured that buyers will notice everything.

Maybe even more important is depersonalizing to keep potential buyers engaged. “Your goal is to inspire potential buyers to imagine their belongings in your home. That’s tougher to do when the walls are covered with family photos and the kids’ report cards are hanging on the refrigerator. Think of your home as a gallery, a place others can imagine furnishing and decorating the way they want to. That means those lovely fuchsia walls in the powder room may need to be repainted in a more neutral color, and the suggestive art hung in the bedrooms might be best stored away.”

4. Poor or Non-Functional Major Home Components

What are the major home components I’m referring too?  They include things like a home’s roof, air conditioning unit, plumbing, windows, electric system, kitchen appliances.  These components happen to cost the most amount of money to replace or repair.  Many buyers will be scared away if there are issues with one or more of these components.

The cost to repair these items could be too high for the average buyer to contend with after purchasing the home. The more of these components that are either in poor shape or not functioning at all, the lower the price buyers will offer for your home.

Issues with these components will come out when the buyer has the home inspected. At that point they will either ask for a credit that could be thousands of dollars, or cancel the contract all together and you will be back at square one looking for a new buyer.

One way to avoid the buyer asking for a credit is to have your home inspected prior to listing it for sale. After your home is inspected you can fix some or all of the issues on the report and you can also provide the report to potential buyers before they submit their offer. This way the buyer can’t ask for a credit because they already knew the issues with the house before submitting their offer.  

Here at Cooper City Realty we feel so strongly about how important it is to have your home inspected that we reimburse our sellers at closing for the cost of the inspection.

5. Noticeable Water Stains

Water stains are a big deal and will no doubt turn off home buyers in Cooper City. The health hazards of mold and mildew are top of mind for buyers today, and water stains indicate to the likely presence of mold and mildew.

According to industry pros, “[m]old is by far one of the biggest deal-breakers in real estate, and if potential home buyers detect water stains on your ceiling and walls, they’re likely to head for the door. Past water damage doesn’t necessarily indicate a mold problem, especially if you catch water leaks early and properly dry the area. Although a professional mold inspector may determine that your house is 100% mold-free, those who walk through your home may think otherwise if you leave evidence of past water damage.”

If the cause of the stain has been repaired, then part of the repair should be to paint the stains to make the house look as it did prior to the issue.

6. Offensive Odors 

Another thing that will make home buyers run for the door – if they even get in the door – is offensive odors. 

“It doesn’t matter if your home is beautifully decorated, odors are going to stop buyers at the door. This includes pet odors, cigarette smoke, or any other unpleasant smells. Unfortunately, it can be hard to detect odors in your own home. If the odor has been present for days, weeks, or months, you’re probably accustomed to the scent. This is where an outsider’s opinion counts.”

Why You Need a Cooper City Agent

These are some of the top things that scare off home buyers in Cooper City, but there are more, many more. That’s why it’s so important to work closely with your Cooper City agent. Your agent can give you the guidance you need in making sure your home is ready for buyers to view. So if you want to keep those home buyers engaged and making offers, contact us today at 954-818-3602.

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